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MedDesk - A Company You Can Trust

We're here for you. Providing medical scheduling and funding when you need it most.
Meet our company & team:

MedDesk, first and foremost, seeks to provide effective and innovative solutions for individuals involved in personal injury accidents and for the attorneys and medical professionals that provide services to them.

MedDesk provides medical referral, scheduling, marketing and advertising services to providers (“MedDesk Providers”), i.e. medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists in private practice who treat soft tissue and personal injury patients and pay a fee to participate in the MedDesk network (“MedDesk Network”). Such fee does not vary with the volume or value of any referrals. The MedDesk Providers who receive patient referrals from the MedDesk Network have agreed to charge the referred patients no more than their usual and customary professional fees for services.

MedDesk refers patients only to MedDesk Providers. Participation in the MedDesk Network is limited by MedDesk to providers who meet certain criteria. There is no charge to individuals who use the medical referral service. The MedDesk Network complies with Florida and Federal laws governing medical referral, marketing and advertising services.

MedDesk also provides pre-settlement as well as medical funding to personal injury victims. For not-at-fault parties, MedDesk provides funds for everyday living expenses to injured victims. Additionally, MedDesk works with medical providers and attorneys to fund and coordinate care for those injured patients that are not insured, under-insured or have high deductibles and cannot afford required treatment.

We're here for our clients when they need it most. When they're injured or hurting and have nowhere else to turn. As CEO of MedDesk, it's a very rewarding experience.
Paul VolenCEO, MedDesk

We know our clients put a lot of trust in us to deliver medical & legal funding or medical scheduling when and where they need it. We strive to go above and beyond for our clients every day.
Brian WatsonEVP, MedDesk

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Get the medical care and funding when and where you need it. Our team has the expertise and experience serving clients such as yourself.

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