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You tell us your symptoms and the location where you would like treatment.


We analyze our directory of independent medical providers to find one that can treat your specific symptoms in a location convenient for you


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Why Use MedDesk

  • We are an independent service with no ownership interest in any clinic we recommend.
  • It’s free, fast and convenient. Drop us a line or send us an email.
  • We have a growing list of medical providers serving 11 counties across Florida.
  • All medical professionals are in good standing in their field with verified credentials.



Occasionally, you may find that your primary care physician (PCP) cannot treat you, either due to insurance complications or due to your specific symptoms. In particular, soft tissue injuries require treatments and therapies not typically found in a PCP or urgent care facility. On those occasions, we partner with your medical provider to find a facility that can best treat you.

We value the relationships we have built with our partner physicians and, to that end, we focus on finding the highest quality medical providers to supplement their treatment.



If you have patients you cannot treat due to their unique symptoms or due to billing challenges, please call us or have them reach out to us directly. We are a trusted partner to hundreds of top physicians and clinics across Florida.

We will offer your patient…

  • Prioritized scheduling
  • Highly qualified medical providers
  • Convenient locations

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Interested In Joining Our Medical Network?


If you are a licensed, qualified medical provider in one of our territories, with experience treating accident victims or other soft tissue injuries
and would like to join our network, let us explain how we bring qualified patients to your practice.


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